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at First Baptist Church

The pastor or any duly ordained or licensed minister may perform a wedding ceremony at First Baptist Church of Richmond in accordance with the desires of the participants.
Premarital Counseling
If the ceremony is to be conducted by FBC pastor, the bride and groom should arrange approximately (4) 1hr. premarital conferences in advance of the wedding date.

The sanctuary has a wide center aisle and can seat 360 people. A large area with piano, organ, and choir loft are at the front of the sanctuary.

Costs & Fees


$500.00     Deposit given to secure date (to be refunded)


Remainder to be paid thirty (30) days prior to the wedding. Please call our church office for a detailed breakdown of fees.


Note : If Church Coordinator, Sound Technician, or Facility Coordinator work additional hours, there will be an additional charge for each individual.

Also, if anything other than live music is to be used during the ceremony, all music must be given to the Sound Technician on a CD that is compatible with our sound system. 



Reception in the Fellowship Hall / Gymnasium


An additional set-up and cleaning fee are charged for usage of church property for a reception.




Other Possible Fees


Pianist       Securing and paying the pianist is your responsibility


Organist     Securing and paying the organist is your responsibility


Soloist       Securing and paying the soloist is your responsibility

Please call the church office for additional information at 281-342-8664.


One month cancellation is needed to obtain approval for any potential refund on the deposit. 

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